J.H. Sales & Service We offer a number of different window styles in many different shapes and sizes. The list below outlines the different styles or types of windows we offer. Windows can be many different shapes as well including hexagonal, octagonal, even triangular! Curved shapes are also available such as half moon, eclipse, cathedral and circular. We can work with you to custom build nearly any shape of window.

There is also the possibility of combining different window styles, shapes and sizes. For example a double-ended-slider, a door with a half-moon transom, or a dual-casement with eclipse configuration.

Double doors with eclipse window above and a fixed window on each side

Common Window Styles (Types)
The most basic of window styles consisting of a single pane of glass which cannot be opened.
Single-hung and Double-hung
The lower sash of a single-hung window is slid upward to open. The upper sash of a double-hung window can be lowered in addition to the lower sash being raised.
Horizontal Sliding
Similar to a single-hung or double-hung window except that the sash is slid open horizontally. One of the two sashes may be fixed as in a single-hung window.
Hinged upon a vertical edge the sash opens outward with the aid of a hand crank
Similar to a casement however hinged along the top edge
Bay and Bow
An arrangment of often fixed windows jutting out from the wall creating an alcove
A very large fixed window of a single pane of glass
A small window often above a door which is usally fixed or awning in style.
J.H. Sales & Service has been a Majestic Windows dealer since 2005. We offer custom windows for both new construction and replacement or renovation. Whether you are a home owner or a contractor we can provide windows to meet your needs. Contact us or visit the Products area of our site for more information.
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